MAG IS IN is a project by Plug born into the Polytechnic of Turin, designed, monitored and curated by Vanessa Poli and Francesca Oddenino, under the supervision of Fabio Guida, professor and President of the Plug association.
MAG IS IN is a website born to spread the consciousness about the independent magazines which, today, distinguish themselves for excellence and innovation in aesthetics and contents.
MAG IS IN will be an exhibition soon, with the aim of introducing the world of independent and self published magazines to a non expert audience.
Most of all, MAG IS IN is INDEPENDENT.


The aim of the magazine is to showcase emerging talents in visual arts, literature and journalism, with a keen interest in featuring texts that have never been translated into English, and artists/designers/writers from the South American region. They donʼt cover current events, the idea is that every issue of the magazine is a volume of an ever-growing encyclopedia, so they want content that lasts in time, and that can be read in twenty years from now and still be found relevant

Nation: USA
Pages: 96 – 104 (+2 pages of stickers)
Duration: since May 2009
Authors: Michelle (Michu) Benaim Steiner and Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz, editors. From the beginning the team included the designer Alexander Wright and the photo-editor Juan Pablo Garza
Dimensions: fixed format: 25.5x 20.5 cm, 100+ pages, perfect bound, square spine, with about 80% of the magazine in bond paper using only two direct spot colors: black (for text) and a Pantone that they change in every edition. The other 20% is the portfolio section, printed on matte paper with the full CMYK spectrum plus the editionʼs Pantone


Since the start of their history, magazines have always had the role of catalysts of ideas. They have been a meeting point for thoughts about the contemporary society, and have promoted reflections by the public itself upon the events happening in it. As an independent medium, they always had the convenience of being purer and more multi-faceted than other media. They communicate with readers in an unconventional way, with no filters or restrictions at all. Magazines increasingly need to differentiate themselves from the media providing news in real time, first of all from the internet medium. That is why they offer a level of elaboration of reality ever deeper and more timely than the one the other media can provide. Magazines can be represented as a bracket, a second level of deepening in the speech.


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